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Eulogy To Myself
Eulogy To Myself

Eulogy To Myself

Following a workshop that explored whether death can be a teacher, MBBS 2 students were asked to write their own eulogy in the form of an Acrostic poem spelling ‘LIVING AND DYING’.

The following beautiful pieces of writing were crafted:

Living like the warmth of the sun;

I shall be shined, you shall be spun.

Vision of hawk is the adjective of you;

I look in the sky, you always flew.

No fear walking with you all night;

Glowing in the dark, shining how bright.

All we had is your presence;

Now you left us with the sound of silence.

Dying like the cherry blossom;

Due day is short, life was awesome.

You are always the love of mine;

I can now only see you with currant wine.

Never shall we say goodbye;

Good night with tears in my eye. By CHAU Tsun Bo Oscar


Listen, do you hear that?

Is it the chirp of a songbird, or the rusting of chrysanthemum?

Vibrant and yet so peaceful.

In solitude, he embraced the warm welcome of heaven.

Next to his friends and loved ones,

Glad and finally at peace.

At the end of his life, he carried on his good deeds.

Not for appraisal or karma but just to

Do what he knew should be done.

Death at the end will carry us all away,

You, me, and everyone that is living or has ever lived.

Instead of worrying about uncertainties, he said

No, and lived the present more fulfilling than anyone else.

Gone he might be now, but living he always will. By Alfred Lau


Music of Life

Luscious melody

Instilling hearts with his


Intertwining, dulcet

Notes weaving his

Glorious harmony

Abruptly muted.

Nowhere to be heard.


Distant sounds of his

Youthful tune echoing

Inside empty chambers,


Gentle murmur. By Joshua Wong