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The Book of the Living.
The Book of the Living.

The Book of the Living.

Congratulations to Vicky Lee, who won the ‘Judges award’ for her work ‘The Book of the Living’ in the MBBS1 Medical Humanities Creative presentation.

She writes of her work…..

‘I was inspired by the ancient Egyptians’ “Book of the Dead” to create an illustration with a storytelling nature’.

‘The artwork illustrates a brief history of medicine in the form of some significant cornerstones in its development, as well as the past and present challenges in maintaining health of the population’.

‘I discovered a pattern in the history of medicine which was replicated time and time again. Medicine is one of humanity’s ways to help itself proliferate, despite the constant challenges and lethal enemies we face in life. By the creativity and persistence of scientists/clinicians throughout history, we now have methods and tools to combat the once invincible threats to human life. But with one problem solved, new challenges would soon arise to take its place. Humanity has been constantly finding new ways to adapt, to survive, and I saw the history of medicine reflecting this strong will of ours. This learning process has reminded me of why I wanted to practice medicine in the first place, to serve and protect humanity. It has also helped me appreciate the efforts of our precursors, which made living much easier today.

To take a more detailed look at Vicky’s work, see below: