LKS Medical Faculty MEHU


Congratulations to Audrey, Wingy and Timmy for winning the ‘Audience Award’ in the MEHU creative work presentation, with their wonderful a cappella singing.

To listen to their work, please click on the link below.

Audrey, Wingy and Timmy describe their work below…..

We were inspired by John Lennon’s Imagine for its peace and anti-war messages, which were in-line with our theme of social justice and humanitarianism. Our lyrics, written jointly, aimed to provide the perspectives(title) of the underprivileged and that of medical professionals in society. We expressed the song through a cappella to represent the prospect of a cooperative and harmonious society.

Verse 1 and 2, sung by the male voice, captured the dreams of the disadvantaged to overcome inequality and injustice in society, including the inverse care law, racial bias, long waiting queues in public hospitals and difficulties maintaining personal hygiene under certain environments like subdivided flats etc.

Verse 3, sung by the female voice, illustrated the opinions which we envisioned medical professionals would hold in response to the needs of society, including support for the unlikely prospect of free access to healthcare. It also highlighted the virtue ethics of good healthcare professionals, including selflessness and service above profits. Doctor-patient relationships are also addressed, emphasising the importance of care and inclusiveness in healthcare.

The chorus echoed the hope that we, as future healthcare professionals, will contribute more to the advancement of justice in society, and that we, as part of the system that created medical injustice, can realise the actions we can take to help, influence others and make a change for everyone.

The overarching theme of the song and its lyrics is that we believe a positive change to our quality of healthcare services and ultimately our lives is possible, but only through understanding and voicing out (a cappella) the needs of different parties involved could we achieve public consensus, and only through collaborative efforts on both parts could we make society fairer and more humane.