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Seeing the Unseen
Seeing the Unseen

Seeing the Unseen

Congratulations to Jimmy Wong, Alicia Liu, Anson Chan, Henry Leung and Ryan So for making it onto the shortlist for the MEHU1 creative work presentation.

In this thoughtful exploration of ‘doctor-patient identities’ the group transpose the doctor and patient, to enable each to gain a greater understanding of the other.

They share the rationale for their work:

“Seeing the Unseen” is a creative way to reveal the challenges that both doctor and patient identities bring to real life. Through role playing, we, as medical students, were better able to understand both identities by exploring them from a first-person point of view. Our short video captured the narrative, whilst dramatic use of body language, facial expressions and different tones allowed us to further investigate the theme.

Since doctor and patients have different identities, it can be challenging to understand each other’s perspectives. However, it’s important to remember that both identities intersect; a doctor could get sick, whilst a patient could be inspired to become a doctor because of their experiences. In reality, the two identities are difficult to separate.

From this project, we have learned to put ourselves into the shoes of the doctor and patient, which helps us to develop empathy.