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To Be or Not To Be
To Be or Not To Be

To Be or Not To Be

Congratulations to CHAU Hay Lam, CHIU Kwan Yiu, LING Yuet Shan, LUM King Ho, SIU Yiu, WONG Lai Ying, YAO Junying and YAU Ka Chun for reaching the shortlist of the MH1 Creative Work Presentation.

In this cleverly devised piece of writing, the group focus on the diversity of opinion generated by the topic of euthanasia. To read their story, please click on: To Be or Not To Be

The writers discuss their intention for this piece of work below:

Whether euthanasia is considered ethically and legally acceptable has ignited many debates over the world. Whilst to some euthanasia seems like a distorted method to deal with pain and negative emotions, it is arguably an act of beneficence to people suffering extreme distress.

Our transcript aims to explore the variety of views relating to the choice of life and death made by individuals coming from different backgrounds. Four interviewees are introduced in the setting of a fictional police interrogation and each expresses their unique opinions and reasoning towards euthanasia, underlined by their individual life experiences. By creating this scenario, we hope that we can provide perspectives and insight into the practice of euthanasia, as well as provoking reflection on the meaning of living and the choice to end life.

Despite the ethical and legal issues, it is probable that the responsibilities of carrying out euthanasia will eventually lie on the shoulders of doctors as the final decision makers. In our writing, we also hoped to explore the role of a doctor in clinical settings and how a doctor’s advice and action may significantly change the life choices of a patient.